Because ...

How many times have we wanted to cross a river and had to raise our arms above our heads with clothes, a picnic bag so as not to get anything wet and we ended up in the water after sliding!

And as we are also keen on navigation, we tried to land in the annex on a beach one day of beautiful waves and of course slipped and recovered our camera underwater ...

Since we discovered Wickelfisch waterproof bags, we are enjoying all these nautical moments with the certainty that nothing will get wet. And we decided to represent the brand in France !!

Pour toutes les activités nautiques!

The first tests that we did took place in the Cèze next to Goudargues in the Gard rhodanien (it's just beautiful !!), in paddle and canoe with a backpack full of clothes and laptops and a Wickelfisch size L with a bottle of water, sandwiches , flip flops and towels.

Then at the beach with the small bags for the wallet, laptop, key glasses to swim without having to anxiously look at our towel and a possible thief! The collection of seashells and the baths had a real holiday taste and no anxiety!

And this summer we swam for miles (yes, if) with a medium waterproof Wickelfisch shoulder bag to reach a beautiful beach! Portable, sarong,  Wickelfisch beach cabin to change in the middle of everyone without being noticed,  bikini bag to put on the wet jersey once arrived, spare are all arrived very dry !! And then when we get to the edge, 

So by boat, paddle, dinghy, bike, on foot and in the water, the Wickelfisch are what we need !!

Les Wickelfisch sont les incontournables de l'été!

And even in all seasons because once folded, Wickelfisch bags do not take up space at the bottom of the suitcase when you go on a trip! Better than waterproof because fully waterproof even immersed for an instant, they exist in 3 bag sizes: S of 3 litersM of 16 liters and L of 28 liters ) plus a  backpack version of 30 liters for hands free. There are for all uses with up to 10 different and bright colors for all tastes and also to be well spotted in the water! The folding method is shown to you on the product page: Like his tongue in his mouth, you just have to wrap the opening 7 times on itself, close it with a loop and voila!

At the beach, on the water, cruising, in the rain, kayaking, fishing, diving, Wickelfisch everywhere will accompany you!

Où trouver les sacs et accessoires Wickelfisch?

In some beachfront stores but still too few, and in addition it is often better already to have them when we go on vacation, so you can buy them online on our site. We ship them quickly with reduced shipping costs.

In addition to being super useful, Wickelfisch bags are an ideal gift for everyone and on all occasions! 

Do not hesitate, your Wickelfisch is almost on its way.

The whole Wickelfisch France team wishes you a great aquatic holiday in the company of your Wickelfisch waterproof pockets and bags. For any questions you can contact us and we will get back to you very quickly.

Avez vous un magasin de plage ou un concept store au bord de l'eau? Rejoignez nous!

A nice presentation and you will sell a lot of Wickelfisch because it is a novelty that attracts a lot of people. Write to us quickly!